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How “clean” is clean?

Until there's a metric, disinfect at every discharge.

Wireless Nimbus iPad control

Innovative Disinfection Perfected

Better than Manual Cleaning, HP Vapor and Lights

This is real life. Our heroic machine, named Nimbus, is the marriage of innovations in high-technology and chemistry to save real lives like none other. The Nimbus whole room disinfection cycle is designed specifically to be so fast and simple it is used every time before a new patient checks in. This means less manual cleaning time and the assurance of an EPA Registration that ALL surfaces in the room are completely disinfected.

Advantages include:

  • 100% Better Coverage than Manual Cleaning - Guaranteed
  • No Waiting to Re-enter Room When Cycle Completes
  • Easy to Use Wireless Control
  • No-touch Operation
  • Rapid-Room® Technology: Gets You Back in the Room Faster
  • Automatic Data Logging
Unique Microburst Solution

Nevoa Microburst Solution®

Pathogen Eliminating Solution

Nevoa Microburst Solution® is an EPA-Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Microburst’s powerful formulation is a hypochlorous acid (HOCL) solution. HOCL is a unique, environmentally safe disinfectant type that occurs naturally in the human body to kill invasive organisms and fight infection. Our Rapid Room® process starts with the activation of the HOCL disinfectant through using the Patented Peel – Push - Shake cap on the Microburst bottle. After Nimbus atomizes Microburst into the room, this disinfectant cloud is then completely removed. The entire process is typically completed in less time than the industry average 45-minute manual terminal cleaning – and results in a much higher level of disinfection efficacy. A university conducted disinfection study showed that the Nimbus + Microburst Rapid Room® process killed microbes over 300 times better than manual cleaning alone.

Packaging Features

  • Unique Patented Mixing Cap
  • No Shelf-life Limitations
  • pH Neutral Solution After Mixing
  • Disposable, Non-toxic By-product
3D modeling of Nimbus in Room

German Engineered Atomization

Nevoa strategically partnered with German-based Dürr Systems, the automotive industry leader in engineering and manufacturing robots that atomize paint, to deliver this next generation disinfection system. Nimbus was designed and engineered by Dürr Systems to atomize the Microburst into a dense cloud that distributes the pathogen eliminating solution throughout the entire room - reaching every corner, surface area, floor, and bathroom.  We didn’t just design a product, we engineered a solution. Advanced 3D computer modeling techniques were used to analyze atomization to ensure optimal distribution of Microburst. Additionally, Nimbus is smart, and features wireless remote control and advanced data logging making it an essential part of every Infection Preventionist’s disinfection protocol.

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Getting You Back in the Room - Faster

The patented Nimbus system not only provides exceptional yet affordable disinfection, it gets you back in the room... faster. Nevoa partnered with Air Innovations, Inc. who is a leading producer of environmental process control systems for challenging applications. Once Microburst is atomized into the hospital patient room, Nimbus quickly and automatically removes the germ-killing disinfectant cloud using dehumidification and air scrubbing technology designed by Air Innovations. The result: our disinfection process cycle time is faster than any other fogging solution available. This allows hospitals to turn over rooms faster, with the assurance of complete disinfection. Once the cycle completes, you may re-enter the room immediately; no waiting in required. It's part of our Rapid Room® promise.


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