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against pathogens
on surfaces and room air.
Greater than

Nevoa  is a healthcare innovation company dedicated to reducing the impact of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) through better disinfection technology. Nevoa saw a need to reduce human error and cross-contamination common to manual disinfection protocols. Nevoa developed a system consisting of a proprietary hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solution called Nevoa Microburst SolutionTM and an automated robot called NimbusTM. The patented

Nimbus device atomizes (fogs) the disinfectant for whole-room disinfection including 100% of a room’s surfaces as well as room air. This system is the only US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered disinfectant approved for fogging HOCl in healthcare environments.


Rigorous testing has been conducted through independent laboratories to provide the necessary validation studies for EPA registration. Additional studies have also been conducted to demonstrate efficacy against several specific pathogens of interest.



Percent of Pathogen Reduction

Final percent reduction chart for web 11292021-01.png

Independent Study Results

Streptococcus faecalis - -1000_F_324170691_PEOCi4Xa4aS1pXYLz0XukoN8m8XeIVrX.jpg

Average results:

5.6 Log10 reduction

Vancomycin-resistant ebericiccys

(VRE) enerococcus faecalis

Gram-positive bacteria (MDRO).

Tested without soil load,

ATCC #51575.

Staphylococcus aeruginosa- 1000_F_101448740_bWWsKXAKddmXYRE6f8kr1WPsLP3ydvZ5.jpg

Average results:

4.8 Log10 reduction

Methicilin - resistant

Staphylococcus aureus  MRSA

Gram-positive bacteria (MDRO).Tested with and without soilload, ATCC #33592.

Clostridium difficile2-1000_F_273530159_pUg5tZdhC3Yahi5JaPxImppqB1eGzZ0e.jpg

Average results:

5.9 Log10 reduction

Pseudomonas aeruginosa - 1000_F_296936119_zE4e5ytNAYUmLIkseJQyBOj7jz9NP2XF.jpg

Average results:

6.5 Log10 reduction

Clostridium difficile

Gram-positive spore forming

bacteria (MDRO). Tested with

soil load, 10 min. contact,

ATCC #43598.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Gram-negative bacteria

(MDRO).Tested with soil

load, ATCC #15442.

staphylococcus aureus2 - 1000_F_19533423_XwH0ec9xUHLpyRUCkZKpMcChhEjUlA19.jpg

Average results:

6.4 Log10 reduction

Staphylococcus aureus

Gram-positive bacteria.

Tested with soil load,

ATCC #6538.

Salmonella enterica2- 1000_F_457178437_Iwcz6laYv6zgNoyjCfnEI5dixJpTvDYF.jpg

Average results:

4.8 Log10 reduction

Salmonella enterica

Gram-negative bacteria.

Tested with soil load,

ATCC #10708.

norovirus - 1000_F_191867357_ndj8oxkBt9ejLESbbumoTIiPtbpRkHtO.jpg

Average results:

5.2 Log10 reduction


Non-enveloped virus, EPA

recognized surrogate for Human Norovirus. Tested with soil

load,1 min. contact,

ATCC #VR-782,Strain F-9.

Human Rhinovirus2 - 1000_F_352575655_oFzxvIOnu8tyI2vORntpARUbRuGwlkiP.jpg

Average results:

4.8 Log10 reduction

Human Rhinovirus

Non-enveloped virus. Tested

with soil load,1 min. contact,

ATCC #VR-283,

Strain 11757.

Influenza A - 1000_F_177983924_AugXRnWoZP05YvzFC3WbTshRPUwIHPpI_edited.jpg

Average results:

4.8 Log10 reduction

Influenza A Enveloped virus.

Tested with soil load,10 min.

contact,ATCC #VR-1469.

Escherichia coli - 1000_F_32769654_9PTE0epfQBYclGEy7FZmMM5G6LwrWnPW.jpg

Average results:

4.8 Log10 reduction

Escherichia coli

Gram-negative bacteria.

Tested without soil load,

ATCC #15597.

Candida Auris2-1000_F_219138736_d7wmfoicNGgZICjxufadhLgUa3vhkHRD.jpg

Average results:

4.8 Log10 reduction

Candida auris

Fungus (MDRO) identified in

2009.Tested with soil load,

2 min. contact,CDC Strain


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