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Thank you for your interest in Nevoa's Nimbus + Microburst™. We're eager to tell you more about our new hospital disinfectants. Contact us using the form below, by email at or call 480.361.4071.

Nevoa Inc.
1749 S. Holbrook Ln.
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Common Questions

  • When is it coming?

    We are currently taking presale reservations for Nimbus + Microburst; units will be delivered staring in Q4 2018. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

  • How do I get more information?

    Please submit your contact information if you would like to hear from us.

  • How do I schedule a product trial?

    Contact us to get on our waiting list.


Nevoa Inc.
1749 S. Holbrook Ln
Tempe, AZ 85281


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