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Whole Room Disinfection

The only patented hospital-grade surface disinfecting system approved for atomizing EPA-Registered hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

Innovative disinfection, perfected.

Rising hospital acquired infections (HAIs)

This changes everything.

Hospitals are supposed to be places where patients go to get well. However, Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) affected hundreds of thousands of patients in the United States last year alone. We’ve been manually washing our hands and cleaning surfaces much the same way for a century; it’s time for a change. Nevoa® has created no-touch hospital disinfection products utilizing a unique hypochlorous acid solution that eliminate human error associated with manual cleaning and offers healthcare providers the ability to completely and confidently disinfect their facilities.

Nevoa’s technology is a game-changer for hospitals that want to truly combat this HAI problem. This changes everything.

Do No Harm

At Nevoa® we started with a simple idea... let’s innovate a better and more affordably accessible way to save lives through disinfection – giving the healthcare industry back their ability to “do no harm.”


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